Studying in one the most prestigious universities in the Philippines helped me boost my confidence; gain the foundational knowledge and understanding of the teaching profession; be inspired to be a role model to my future students. I truly appreciate the help and support of UST and the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) in transforming my potentials into meaningful abilities expected of a classroom teacher. With the wonderful learning experiences I had, I plan to teach in a public school to hone future leaders. The task of a teacher is daunting, by with God’s help I will prevail.

Ms. Jannela Fortuna

Teacher Certificate Program 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

My two meaningful and productive semesters under the Teaching Certificate Program of the College of Education made me realize the nobility of the teaching profession. I commend our course facilitators for sharing their knowledge, skills, and values to us. The high standards of teaching I witnessed in my day to day encounter with them had given me enough inspiration to carry on and be in the teaching profession. Indeed, to teach is part of God’s unending grace to me.

Archt. Serafin Silvino "Bing" C. Manalo II

Teacher Certificate Program 2017
Bachelor of Science in Architecture

I am a Nurse by profession. This year, I was given the wonderful privilege to undergo the Teacher Certificate Program of the UST College of Education. True enough, such privilege made me see in a profound way the nexus between my being a nurse and my being a teacher in the school. Both worlds capitalize on the power of caring in transforming the overall wellbeing of persons. As I look forward to seeing myself in the classroom intersecting with and inspiring my students to be at their level best, I could not help but to look back on how my mentors at the College of Education made experience a caring environment rooted on trust, confidence and love. I will be one of the silent workers in the vineyard of education always ready to make a difference in the lives of my students. I am proud to be a teacher!

Edmar San Jose Elcarte, RN

Teacher Certificate Program 2017
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

I am one of those people who believe that teaching is a calling. Though I am product of BS Agricultural program, I never stopped from fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher someday. The STEP UP Scholarship given by the Philippine Business for Education enabled me to experience the dynamics of teaching through a close and relevant encounter with my course facilitators at the UST College of Education. After getting my license as a professional teacher this September, I commit myself to effecting meaningful change in the lives of my future students. I am pretty sure that the world of teaching will open a number of exciting opportunities for me as I selflessly share my gift of time, person and expertise with the students who will be entrusted under my care.

Ms. Glaiza Marie P. Lantican

Teacher Certificate Program 2017
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

I have always wanted to be a teacher and my high school yearbook could attest to that. Even if I have been in the corporate world for 6 years now, the passion I have for teaching has always been there. The Philippine Business for Education and the University of Santo Tomas College of Education gave me the chance to fulfill one of my childhood dreams. I am truly grateful that I have started my journey of becoming a teacher with the best educators in UST. The learnings I have gained in this institution and the hope I have for the children will always be the oil that will keep my lamp burning. UST has given me awesome experiences that I would always carry with me wherever life would take me. I am excited to be a teacher and I will always be a proud Thomasian.

Ms. Katherine Hipol

Teacher Certificate Program 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

My ultimate dream was to be a teacher, but when I was about to enter college, I doubted myself and so, I took up BS Financial Accounting. When the opportunity for a teacher training program opened, I did not waste any time. I applied for the STEP-UP program. I submitted the requirements and passed the examinations. I remembered the first time I entered the classroom. I was afraid I won’t be able to cope because of my disability. I persevered, and was able to successfully complete the program. It was difficult because I was a working-student. I learned much from my encounters with my course facilitators and peers. There were times when I cried because I struggled through the examinations. However, my determination saw me through. And now, I can pursue my dream as a teacher and be able to touch lives and make a difference.

Ms. Jennica Garcia

Teacher Certificate Program 2017
BS Financial Accounting


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Gonda of Batch 2010, Gives Back to Alma Mater

Mr. Donn Emmanuel V. Gonda, a 2010 Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics alumnus of the College, conducted a one-day free seminar on technology integration entitled, “Exploring the E-Learning Ecosystem” held on July 29, 2016 at the Computer Laboratory 2. The seminar was participated in by the student teachers at the Education High School (EHS), the laboratory school of the College. Mr. Gonda presented strategies that effectively integrate technology into teaching, such as flipped classroom and game-based learning. He also introduced several online learning platforms that student teachers may utilize to make their instruction more appealing to digital learners. A re-run of the same seminar was conducted by Mr. Gonda on May 3, 2017, this time, to incoming student teachers of EHS. Mr. Gonda is currently an assistant researcher at the Technology-Enriched Learning Institute of the University of Hong Kong.

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