Welcome to the Student and Welfare Development Board (SWDB)!

The SWDB under the supervision of the Office for Student Affairs provides services, programs, and facilities that gears toward students' success and future positive contributions to the society.

The University of Santo Tomas is responsible for the students' holistic development with emphasis on moral and character-building through the SWDB office.

To inculcate these ideals, the Student and Welfare Development Coordinator (SWDC) ensures strict compliance with the proper norm of conduct and discipline; as well as to provide students the support systems necessary to reach their full potentials while addressing their needs.

The Student Welfare and Development Board (SWDB) is a collegial body, tasked to formulate and recommend to the Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs policies affecting student welfare and student discipline; and for purposes of achieving uniformity in sanctions imposed in disciplinary cases, review and modify the sanctions imposed by the College.

The SWDB collaborates with the Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs in the mobilization of students for university wide activities aimed at promoting Thomasian culture and identity.

The SWDB is composed of the Student Welfare and Development Committee (SWDC) coordinators of the nineteen colleges and faculties of the University. The Assistant Dean of the college serves as the ex- officio head of the SWDC. In colleges where there is no Assistant Dean, a faculty member is appointed to serve as the Coordinator of the Committee. The SWDC of each College is composed of at least three faculty members with the primary function of investigating and recommending to the Dean and Regent of the College the appropriate actions in disciplinary cases.

Ms. Pamela P. Dela Cruz

1. I lost my ID, how do I get a new one?

Secure by downloading Application of ID Form (or Get forms at the Dean’s Office) , fill-up the form and follow the procedures below:
  • Obtain clearance and signature from the guidance office
  • See the SWDC for verifications of non-violations and secure the coordinator’s signature
  • Secure the College Secretary’s signature at the Dean’s office
  • Settle the fees at the cashier located at the Main Building
  • Submit the ID application form at the ID Room, Tan Yan Kee Building
2. My professor/instructor confiscated my ID, how do I retrieve it back?

The person in authority who confiscated your ID will be submitting your ID to the SWDB coordinator. You will be given a temporary pass valid for 7 days, within that time frame, you should see your SWDB coordinator and explain the incident of confiscation.

3. I am a complainant, how do I file a case?

Any person or offended party who may have knowledge of violation of any of the provisions of this Code may case the filing of an administrative action against any student with the SWDC of the College where he/she is enrolled. The SWDC shall require the person/offended party to put the accusation in writing. . (PPS 1029 University of Santo Tomas Subject: Code of Conduct and Discipline, p.4)

4. I have received a "show cause" letter, what do I do?

A show cause form is a letter issued by the SWDC informing the student of the nature and cause of accusation filed against him; and shall require him to answer the accusation in writing within 5 days from receipt thereof, with the assistance of counsel if desired. If the student is a minor, the parent or guardian shall be furnished with a copy of the show cause letter.

The student shall be informed of the evidence against him/her and he shall have the right to adduce evidence on his/her behalf.

Upon receipt of the answer or should the student fail to submit his answer within the given period, the SWDC shall set the case for hearing/conference to clarify the facts and/or to give the student another opportunity to be heard. (PPS 1029 University of Santo Tomas Subject: Code of Conduct and Discipline ,p.4)

5. I was caught cheating during a test, what are the possible penalties for which I am liable?

Cheating is punishable by Non-Readmission, Exclusion or Expulsion depending on the gravity or number of the offense/s. ( PPS 1028 University Hand book pages 108-110)

Non-readmission is a penalty where the student is denied admission or enrollment for the subsequent school terms after the promulgation of the resolution finding him/her guilty of the offense. Unlike the penalty of exclusion, the student is allowed to complete the current term.

Exclusion is a penalty where the student is excluded or dropped from the roll of students immediately upon the promulgation of the resolution.

Expulsion is penalty where the student is declared disqualified for admission to any public or private higher education institution in the Philippines. The penalty of expulsion cannot be imposed without the approval of the Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education.