The UST College of Education Laboratories cater to the academic needs of the students in partial fulfillment of Laboratory courses of the following Programs:
1. Bachelor of Secondary Education – major in Science (BSEd-Sci)
2. Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (BSFT)
3. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (BSND)

There are two (2) laboratory classrooms for Chemistry courses, one (1) laboratory classroom each for Biology courses, Physics courses and Food Technology courses. Depending on the complexity of the experiments required for each course, apparatus and equipment ranges from fundamental to specialized units. A total of four (4) Laboratory Assistants are assigned these laboratory classrooms from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Requisition of new apparatus and equipment is through the Online Procurement System, but should have been budgeted and approved before the purchase, which is the sole function of the Purchasing Office. Periodic inventory and maintenance of all equipment, materials and fixtures are also performed by way of an online system. In case of breakages, there is a system for replacement, depending on the nature and how such apparatus or equipment are broken or malfunctioned.

There is a Laboratory Supervisor/Coordinator for Chemistry, Biology and Physics Laboratories, and also for a specialized laboratory, Food Technology Laboratory. He manages the laboratory facilities and personnel of the unit. The efficient and optimum use of the laboratory rooms, equipment and supplies are being overseen by the same Laboratory Coordinator, who reports directly to the Department Chairperson and/or to the Dean of the College, who, in turn, guides the supervisor in executing his duties and responsibilities.

Assoc. Prof. Grace F. Azares

1. How much is our Laboratory Fee and/or our Laboratory deposit?

You can view our laboratory deposit and laboratory fee in the Table of Tuition and Miscellaneous fees from the Dean’s Office or from the UST website.

2. What do we need to do when we break any of our glassware?

You must report immediately to the Laboratory Assistant, fill-out the Breakage Form and decide if you will buy a material with the exact specifications as the broken one, or you can also decide if you want to be charged from your laboratory deposit.

3. If we have broken any of our material, can we just buy from outside and not be charged by the Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Office (LESO)?

This has to be decided by each member of the group, which will eventually lead to a major decision.

4.What are the prices of the apparatus or materials which are commonly and accidentally broken by students?

You have to ask the Laboratory Assistant of the college or you can be informed by the LESO personnel at the 4th floor of Main Bldg. They have the complete table of prices of each material.

5. Do we need to write a letter in case we need to borrow something from another laboratory or can we just deposit our ID?

If you need to borrow for only a short period of time (e.g. morning only of afternoon only or one day only), you will just have to surrender your ID, provided you have to return immediately as soon as you have finished using the borrowed apparatus.