The UST Miguel de Benavides Library, the primary information resource center of the university has sixteen (16) sections and five (5) branch libraries located in different buildings inside the campus. These sections and branch libraries differ according to the programs offered by the university. Its lends support to the university’s mission and vision by providing access to its rich and expanding collection of print and non-print materials. In addition, the Library provides a variety of services and facilities that include a conference hall, exhibit area, discussion rooms, study rooms, faculty area, gadget corner, internet stations, document delivery, among others. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) may be accessed through the Library Online Readers’ Network Zone (LOReNZo).

For more details about the Library and its services, please refer to the UST Miguel de Benavides Library website:

The Library Coordinator of the College performs four (4) major functions that involve acquisitions, information dissemination, coordination, and user education. The Library Coordinator serves as the library’s contact person on book selection in the College. He/she ensures that books for acquisitions are reviewed and endorsed by concerned faculty; recommends library materials for acquisitions; and evaluates the sufficiency and up-to- dateness of references. The Coordinator informs the library of any changes in the college/department curriculum or research support requirements and keeps faculty members and students updated on library developments and library holdings. The Library Coordinator also manages the orientation and tutorial schedules of students, faculty members, and other library users and facilitates support for the implementation of library policies in the College.

Asst. Prof. Rosario R. Cabusao

1. What are the requirements for UST ALUMNI, REVIEWEES, or OFF-CAMPUS RESEARCHERS to have access to the library?

  1. UST alumni should secure valid alumni card from the Office for Alumni Relations.
  2. An Alumni cardholder entitles him/her to fifty percent (50%) discount of the library service fee.
  3. Alumni card must be submitted to the General Reference & Information Section of the Library to have a permit to use the Library facilities.
  4. All library materials are for Room Use only.
  5. Visiting alumni will not be entertained during preliminary and final examinations.
  6. You are advised to inquire at 406-1611 local 8343.
  1. Registrants should come personally to the General Reference and Information Section of the library and apply for the UST Temporary Library Permit (UST Lib. BC Form No. 304, yellow card). The temporary library permit issued is valid up to the date of the board examination. The charges are as follows:
    • Alumni who are on self-review - Php500/semester
    • Alumni who are enrolled outside - Php500/semester
    • Non-Thomasian enrolled in UST Review Class - Php1,000/semester
Non-Thomasian not affiliated with UST in any way will not be accommodated.
  1. Requirements for the application of the UST Temporary Library Permit (UST Lib. BC Form No. 304, yellow card)
    • Valid UST Digital Alumni Card
    • 1 pc. 1x1 picture
    • Official receipt or any proof of enrollment from review class
OFF-CAMPUS RESEARCHERS are requested to observe the following:
  • Secure library permit from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the General Reference & Information Section.
  • Present a valid ID and referral letter from the Chief Librarian of your school.
  • Graduate School section is not accessible during Saturdays.
  • Undergraduate students from other schools are not allowed to use the Graduate School section.
  • Health Sciences Library will entertain off-campus researchers during Saturdays only
  • The Library does not entertain alumni and off-campus researchers during preliminary and final examination periods.
  • Grade School and High School students from other schools are not allowed to use the library and its facilities.
  • A research fee of P100.00 per day will be charged. These charges do not include special services such as photocopying, scanning and printing, etc.
  • Off-campus researchers should also follow the dress code in accordance with the rules and regulations of the library.
2. I am a UST student. What will I do if I want to research in other institutions/ libraries?

Referral letters are issued to those who need to acquire materials from other libraries in case such materials are not available in the Miguel de Benavides Library. Inquire at the General Reference and Information Section for proper scheduling.

Only the following are eligible to use this service:
  1. UST Faculty members
  2. UST employees
  3. Thomasian students who are currently enrolled
To secure a REFERRAL LETTER, the researchers must provide the following information:
  1. Specific date of your visit
  2. The Library you want to visit
  3. Researcher’s name/s
  4. Your College/Faculty/Department
  5. Topic of your research
  1. The library doesn’t issue referral letter during semestral and summer break.
  2. Request for referral letter must be done two (2) days before the actual date of visit.
  3. Referral letter should be claimed by one of the members who requested for a referral.
  4. A maximum of 5 researchers per library/institution are allowed per day, however, the number of researchers to be accommodated is subject to the discretion of the library/institution concerned.
  5. You are advised to visit some of the library websites in order to check the availability of the materials for your research.
3. What are the rules in photocopying library materials?

For duplication purposes, photocopying machines are available at the ground floor and at the sixth floor of the Central Library building. All copying is to be done in accordance with the Philippine Copyright Law. It is fair dealing to make a copy for the purpose of research or study of a reasonable portion of a work.

Library materials to be photocopied should be issued and properly received. Photocopying forms must be completed including barcode number and should be submitted to the photocopying personnel.

The following materials cannot be photocopied:
  • rare materials
  • General Reference collection
  • mimeograph sheets
  • manuscripts
  • bound newspapers
  • pamphlets
  • theses
  • dissertations and;
  • those that are published prior to 1950
4. What are the rules in the use of the Internet computers?

To maintain its role as a public provider of information, Internet stations are available at the ground floor and second floor of the library. These stations aside from internet terminals available in the different sections and branch libraries can be used free of charge.

The following rules apply to all Internet terminal users:
  • Students are required to submit their validated school ID or library permit.
  • Internet terminal may be used for web - based e-mails, data searches and retrieval for academic and research purposes only.
  • Computer use is limited to one (1) hour per session, per person. Another one-hour session is allowed to the same user but not on consecutive time.
  • Sessions per class may be requested prior to the intended time.
  • Accessing sites, which are not research-related, is strictly prohibited including chatting, games, entertainment, and the like.
  • Copyrighted information may not be used or sold unless the right to do so has been purchased from the owner of the data.
  • Computers are shut down 30 minutes before the Library closes.
  • Internet users who violate these rules will be subjected to disciplinary action.
5. How do I reserve a book?

Circulation Policies

Faculty Members - Special Borrowing Privileges
  1. A faculty member may authorize a representative to borrow materials for him/her by presenting to the Circulation section the following:
    • A letter duly signed by the faculty member designating his/her representative.
    • The UST digital ID of the faculty member.
  2. The faculty member is responsible for all the materials issued under his/her name.
  3. Extended loan period may be granted to a faculty member during semestral break/summer vacation provided he/she keeps track of due dates.

  1. Items may be renewed online, by phone or in person. Renewal will not be allowed if it reaches the maximum renewal limit. Renewed due date should replace the original due date.

  2. For telephone renewal, please call: 731-31-01 or 406-16-11 (trunk line)
    Local No.:
    • General Circulation............................8384
    • Health Sciences Library.....................8338
    • Ecclesiastical Faculties Library........8331
    • UST High School Library...................8358
    • EHS / Grade School...........................8357
The following are not to be renewed:
  • New acquisitions
  • In-demand books (non fiction books for overnight use only).
  • Overdue books
  • Books that have been reserved by another user.
  • Books that are not due soon enough to be eligible for renewal.
  • Fiction (1 week/renewable twice).
  • Reserved books at the Civil Law section are strictly overnight use only.
  1. A patron must have an active library account to place a hold on books.
  2. Hold/reserve requests may be placed on any items on general circulation.
  3. To reserve a book, click REQUEST icon in the full record display of the title.
  4. Faculty Members, Administrators can place a hold on non-renewable items.
6. How can I donate books to the library?

You may contact Ms. Rosemary B. Balbin prior to sending your donations, gifts or pledges to the Library.

You may call at 406-1611 loc. 8273 or email at

7. How can I access the electronic resources / online databases at home?

You may get the username and password at the General Reference & Information Section (G/F, Central Library Bldg.) for the specific database that you want to access remotely. Bring your valid UST ID.

8. How do I look for library materials regarding my topic of research?

You may use the LOReNZo WebOPAC to search for the Library Collection which includes Books, Journals/Periodicals, Audio Visual Materials, Theses/Dissertations, Periodical Articles and Vertical File Index. The URL for LORenZo is Simply take note of the location, call number and availability status of the materials which interest you.