The Education High School (EHS) is a separate institution from the UST High School. EHS was established to give quality Catholic education to those deserving students who cannot afford to pay the fees required by other schools. It also serves as the training ground for fourth year BSE students of the College of Education. This laboratory school was established during the time of Rector Magnificus Rev. Fr. Angel De Blas, O.P. through the help of the Dean of the College of Education, Rev. Fr. Aurelio Valbuena and Mrs. Caridad Z. Sevilla, the EHS principal and the different critic teachers of the College of Education. Classes commenced on August 1, 1950.

A number of faculty members from the College comprised the first set of critic teachers for the different subject areas in the EHS. They were: Dr. Mercedes G. Santamaria, Dr. Clemencia J. Colayco, Dr. Rosario D. Bondoc, Miss Concepcion Leonor, Mrs. Antonia P. Villanueva, Miss ConsuelPerdices and Miss Nina Custodio.

The first regular teachers were Miss Concepcion Alba, Mrs. Salud P. Belmonte, Mrs. Salome Castillo, Miss Rosario Mauricio, Miss Lourdes Z. Sevilla and Miss Teresita R. Villamil.

There were 361 students in the first enrolment of the EHS. There were ten (10) sections in the first year, two (2) sections for the second year and two (2) for third year. Half of those sections were attended in the morning by girls, half in the afternoon by boys.

In order to give authentic religious and practical leadership training and to strengthen unity and cooperation among the students, religious and secular organizations were founded. Among them were Student Catholic Action Units for the boys and girls and the Knights of Jesus for the Boys. Mr. Arturo De Leon served as their Adviser. The Boy Scouts were adopted to give some training to male students.

Through the years, the EHS has been in the forefront of championing the cause of Catholic education in the secondary school level. As the University of Santo Tomas enters its 404thYear, the EHS will continue to put premium on developing competence, commitment, and community involvement coupled with the core values of patriotism, respect, piety, responsibility, simplicity, honesty, dignity, and justice among its students.

Asst. Prof. Loreto S. Sauz

The University of Santo Tomas Education High School commits itself to the task of participating in the evangelizing work of the Church by providing students with quality Catholic Education and by imbuing with the virtues of truth and love as espoused by the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas.

The University of Santo Tomas Education High School commits itself to providing young learners with excellent Catholic education that ensures their integral faith formation and their development as competent, committed and compassionate members of the Church and citizens of the country.

We uphold the following core values:

1. Dignity - reverence for every person for he/she is being worthy of honor and respect because of his/her attitudes and actions
2. Honesty - being an agent of truth who stands for uprightness at all times and manifests transparency in making decisions and actions
3. Justice - the meeting of persons in a context of equality and acceptance in a Christian atmosphere of concern and sharing for the common goal
4. Patriotism - commitment of being an agent of change who promotes nation building and social transformation
5. Piety - the cultivation of Gospel and Thomasian values as well as Christian attitudes among the members of the school community
6. Respect for others - concern for the promotion of human rights and total human development
7. Responsibility - spirit of dialogue, partnership, participation, teamwork, and collaboration in all endeavors for the good of all
8. Simplicity - love of and living out of modest and simple life style

EHS students must be further inspired and guided by the core values to counteract discipline problems.
The Education High School, distinct and independent from the UST High School, serves as a laboratory high school for the training and formation of future Catholic teachers who are not only competent in teaching but also sensitive to the national and educational goals in general and to the University's goal in particular. It also seeks to extend opportunities to gifted high school students who belong to financially challenged families to the minimal fees charged upon them.
The Education High School admits incoming Grade 7 student who:
  • possesses good moral character
  • passed the entrance examination and interview; and
  • submits the required academic credentials.
1. Photocopy of the Second Grading Period of his/her card (Form 138). The applicant should have a general average of 85% and above for the Second Grading Period.
2. Certification of Good Moral Character coming from the School Principal/Guidance Counselor (original copy).
3. Baptismal Certificate of the applicant (original and xerox copies to be presented for authentication)
4. Two pieces 2 x 2 recent ID picture (white background) with applicant's name written at the back.
5. Original and Photocopy of ITR 2014 or 2015 (Income Tax Return) of both parents. Combined annual income shall not exceed Four Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php450,000.00).
7. If OFW, submit a copy of contract from present employer.
8. Application Fee of Six Hundred Pesos (Php600.00).
9. Must pass both the entrance examination and interview given by EHS.
10. No sibling currently enrolled in 7th Grade/or in 8th Grade/or in 9th Grade level.

1. Applicant must personally come and fill out the application form and submit all the required documents to the Admission Clerk.Those with incomplete documents will not be entertained.
2. If the requirements submitted by the applicant meet the standard of the Education High School, applicant will be recommended for Entrance Test.
3. If the student passes the entrance test he/she will be advised to report for the interview.
4. Applicant must pass the interview to qualify for admission and enrolment at the EHS.
5. The list of qualified applicants for enrolment and waiting list will be posted at the ground floor of the Albertus Magnus Building. Those who are in the wait list must personally see the Principal for proper advice.

Department of Education's Rules for Registration (Manual of Regulation for Private School)
1. Enrollment of students in every private school shall be conducted during the registration days indicated on the approved calendar and the pertinent procedures of the school, and subject to the following rules:
   1.1 When a student registers in school, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school year.
   1.2 Aside from the specified registration period, a pupil or student may enroll and be admitted in accordance with the reasonable rules of the school for late enrollment    but which in no case shall exceed two weeks after the opening of classes.
   1.3 After the two-week period, no further enrollment will be allowed, without prejudice however to subsequently transfer by an enrolled student from one school to     another during the school year, provided the consent of both after the enrollment period are discouraged, especially in cases of students who are expected to     graduate from a course of study during the school year.
   1.4 No pupil or student will be officially enrolled unless he presents the proper school credentials on or before the end of the enrollment period for the school.
   1.5 A pupil or student is officially enrolled after he/she has submitted his/her appropriate admission or transfer credentials, has made an initial payment of his/her school    fees which has been accepted by the school, and has been authorized to attend classes in the school term.
   1.6 No foreign pupil or student shall be enrolled without the prior approval of the Secretary of Education or his authorized representative.
   1.7 For the purpose of enrollment, the name and other personal data or circumstances of each pupil or student as indicated on his birth certificate or alien certificate of    registration, where applicable, shall prevail.

2. Credentials. Credentials submitted for enrollment become part of the school records and cannot be withdrawn after registration unless the student/pupil leaves the school. A request by the student/pupil for a copy of these credentials can be accommodated within thirty (30) days upon filing of such request.

3. Fees. Tuition fees and other charges are prescribed by the school with the appropriate approval of DepED. These charges are itemized and published in the bulletin of information (Treasurer's Office) and are applicable for the term prescribed. Notice of change in fees will be published in advance. Every student is expected to pay his full matriculation fees.

4. Refunds. When a student registers in a school, it is understood that he is enrolling for the entire course. A student who drops or withdraws from the school is entitled to a refund of his tuition fee in accordance with the following rules:
   4.1 A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing within two weeks after the beginning of classes and has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school    fees in full or for any length longer than one month may be charged;
      4.1.1 20% of the total amount due for the term if he/she withdraws within the first week of classes, regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes.
      4.1.2 20% of the total amount due for the term if he/she withdraws within the second week of classes
   4.2 A student may be charged the school fees in full, if he/she withdraws any time after the second week of classes. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to a    justifiable reason, the student shall be charged pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance, upon the recommendation of the Director/Principal    concerned.