Fr. Cabading, OP., doing the ceremonial cake-slicing to officially open  
the research exhibit with Dr. Nonato and Dean de Guzman

The 3rd Dr. Lourdes J. Custodio Research Festival 2017
C. Jaranilla, L. Marquez, and F. Tarun

   The College of Education held the opening ceremonies of the third Dr. Lourdes J. Custodio Research Festival at the first floor of the Albertus Magnus Building last April 25, 2017.

   The event was hosted by Mrs. Eleanor Bahrami-Hessari and showcased the different research studies that were accomplished by the graduating students of the College of Education Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Library and Information Science, and Teacher Education programs. Mrs. Bahrami-Hessari says that the college has the best of both research worlds—the hard sciences and social sciences and humanities. She also claims that the research festival “has truly emerged into our college’s former dean, Dr. Custodio, had envisioned research in universities to be,” that is, enriched with new cultural perceptions by creating an ongoing dialogue at a national and international level.

   To formally open the research festival, Asst. Prof. Elizabeth H. Arenas, PhD, Chair of the Food Science Department and Chair of the Dr. Lourdes J. Custodio Research Festival, delivered the opening remarks. Before starting her speech, Dr. Arenas acknowledged the presence of Prof. Maribel G. Nonato, PhD, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Prof. Allan B. De Guzman, PhD, Dean of the College of Education, Fr. Winston F. Cabading, O.P., Regent of the College of Education, faculty members, administrators, students, and guests.

   According to Dr. Arenas, the annual event aims to promote dissemination of research output for undergraduate students. It is also dedicated to the loving memory of the former dean, a devoted educator and an ardent researcher. “We didn’t call this activity ‘research presentation,’ but rather, we opted to use the word ‘festival,’ because it’s a celebration of knowledge,” Dr. Arenas said.

   She also recognized the thesis advisers of the different programs, namely: Prof. Allan B. De Guzman, PhD, Dr. Nora Claravall, Dr. Rachelle Lintao, Mr. Alvin Ringgo Reyes, Ms. Katherine Chua, Ms. Eleanor Bahrami-Hessari, Ms. Essence Jeanne Logan, Ms. Enelyn King, and Ms. Diane Mendoza. Dr. Arenas also acknowledged the committee members of the event, with special thanks to the office and support staff of the college, and an alumna of the College of Education, Mrs. Arlene Alcantara, for creating the cake for the event.

   The principal speaker for the event was Prof. Maribel G. Nonato, PhD, the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation. Dr. Nonato has been a researcher for 40 years ever since she was a student, and she has never left it. For Dr. Nonato, research is something that is already part of her. “I think this is something that we would like students to be, that research isn’t something that you push into them, but something that you build within them so that eventually they will always be [lifelong learners] and they will always seek something to look for,” she finished.

   The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the College of Education, Prof. Allan B. De Guzman, PhD, the Regent of the College of Education, Fr. Winston F. Cabading, O.P., theses advisers, faculty members, administrators, and students of the College of Education. The event ended with the ceremonial cake slicing and toast.

   The different research studies of the Food Technology and Nutrition and Dietetics were displayed on panel boards at the first floor lobby of the Albertus Magnus building. The Teacher Education students’ researches could be found at the third and fourth floors. Only the Pre-School Education and Special Education programs had displays, while the Secondary Education programs had a research presentation at some of the rooms at the third floor.

   The panel board posters of the researches allowed viewers to read the highlights of the different studies in infographic form. The presentations, however, had specific audiences from the lower batches to listen and learn about the different topics introduced.